Cherry Creek Farmers Market

Every Saturday, May 4-October 26, 8am-1pm

Cherry Creek Shopping Center, on the corner of University Blvd. & 1st Ave. FREE PARKING!


Every Sunday, June 16-October 13, 8:30am-12:30pm

Stapleton Founders Green, East 29th Ave. 80238

Black Wall Street Snack n’ Shop

Saturday, November 16, 12:30pm-5pm

Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being, 3401 Eudora St. 80207

Winter Gift Market

Thursday, Nov. 21 4pm-8pm, Friday, Nov. 22 9am-6pm, Saturday Nov. 23 9am-6pm

Denver Botanic Gardens


What can i get at the events?

All events will feature our top-selling items:

Jar Cupcakes & Homemade Oreos

i’ve never heard of such a thing! What are those?

I’m glad you asked! I create my Jar Cupcakes by baking and assembling my delicious and moist cupcakes in a clear jar, so theres nothing to hide. You can see all the cake, fillings and frostings of every single cupcake. Best part? No crumbs! They are perfect for parties, baby showers, weddings, road tips, camping trips, birthday gifts & “just because” gifts. The list can go on & on! Don’t want to eat it all at once? No problem! These jars last 1 week refrigerated, 4 days room temperature (I prefer mine room temperature), & 3 months in the freezer. At $5/jar for regular & $7/jar for vegan and/or gluten-free, they’re definitely hard to resist!

that sounds delicious! what about these homemade oreos?

My Homemade Oreos are a close runner up to the delicious-ness of the Jar Cupcakes. I had one lady purchase 33 at one time for her grandchildren! I think its safe to say they love them! Imagine creamy Cream Cheese filling sandwiched between 2 chocolate cookies with the perfect balance of soft & crunchy. Just the smell alone will have you wanting to buy the whole batch. These go quick, so get to the event early to make sure you don’t miss out!

what are some of your most popular Jar cupcake flavors?


Lemon and/or Lemon-Blueberry (GIVING THE OREO A RUN FOR ITS MONEY)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (a.k.a. Reeses) (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE)


German Chocolate

Carrot Cake

how can i order FROM YOU OUTSIDE of EVENTS?

Flick of the Whisk creates desserts for any occasion. Order a cake for a friends birthday party, cupcakes for a baby shower, or jar cupcakes for your next work meeting. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below to start your order!

The fact that you can see the inner workings of the cupcake is amazing and really sells it. Great product. So delicious.
— Jose
Owner & Baker, Bryonna, at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market

Owner & Baker, Bryonna, at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market